Benefits of Dance Examinations

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We always stress the importance of having an achievable goal for our students. That’s why we measure their progress and improvement through an Examination studying the Australian Teachers of Dancing syllabus, where only ATOD certified studios are authorized to use and follow the dance syllabus.

Examinations are available (though not compulsory) in Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Character, Street Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Jazz Moves A and B under the Australian Teachers of Dancing Syllabi. The examinations are held around June/July each year with an interstate examiner.

So to give you an idea on what our students will get from the examination, here are the 3 major benefits:

  1. Examinations are a way where the student and the teacher see how the student is progressing. The results are the first rung of a very long ladder aiming to set students on the upward path –  increasing their confidence, strength and sense of achievement.
  2. Examinations offer students a challenge to show their understanding of the work. They help us evaluate how students comprehend our lessons and what they do to perform our exercises. They are open to all students studying the Examination syllabi and they are tests of knowledge in relation to the level in question.
  3. Examinations offer a sense of accountability by all involved. The student is accountable to learn and the program faculty is accountable to teach.  The international examiner is accountable to maintaining and grading to standard.

There are no upward age limits on any examinations and the syllabus has been designed for both male and female candidates at all levels.

Everyone is encouraged, from young children starting out in dance classes to students aspiring to become professional dancers.

It is optional, no dancer is obligated to take an examination but it gives them a sense of great advantage and accomplishment.

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