How Would You Score These In Order of Importance to Your Child?

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  • Loyalty and Trust
  • Physical Development
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Safety
  • Self Discipline and Education
  • Friendships and Popularity


As a parent, one of your main concerns to help your children grow up healthily during their early years is what activities or hobbies they should go for in order to expand their learning and improve their personality.

There are plenty of activities or classes they can take and hobbies to do with them, there is painting, different kind of sports, handcrafting, drawing, decorating and the list goes on. And dancing is by far the most popular one.

Shaping Lives Dance Studio is seeing a lot of opportunities to develop a child’s overall wellness through various dance classes that we offer. As we see how kids develop their true potential and enhance their passion and skills in dancing, we’re certain that a dance studio is an important necessity to enable your child grow in all aspects of their life as a toddler right through to adulthood.

Here’s why:


Social and Emotional Development

Next to being physically fit, dancing also develops your kid’s social awareness. Dance lessons can help children improve their social and communication skills.

Children will learn to participate and work as part of a team, in which, they’re able to express their ideas, make decisions, and develop a greater sense of trust and cooperation as they make new friends.

Dance can also help to cope up with their fears when performing in front of an audience. So if you have a shy child, you should give it a go to enrol her on dance classes to increase her self-esteem and foster a more positive attitude not just on the studio, but also on the outside society.


Physical Development

Dancing involves physical movement and physical activities. It helps students to improve their body awareness, flexibility, range of motion, stamina, endurance, strength and overall body fitness.

Dancing also includes repetitive movements that can improve their muscle tone, correct poor posture, increase balance and coordination and improve overall cardiovascular health.

So while this may seem obvious, dancing offers a lot of opportunities in promoting good health and body fitness that may sometimes overlooked.


Self-discipline and Education

Dancing can also expand the learning range of your child and stand out academically.

Students are expected to memorize choreography and enhance their minds through memorization. They will also get to follow different movement sequences quickly. Along the way, they’ll get to enhance their imagination and spark creativity. They’ll tend to appreciate performing arts and different cultures, sharpen their focus, enhance their cognitive movements and improve their skills.


So here’s a glimpse of the benefits your child will get from taking dance classes with our studio. The most important part is you let them do what they love – and it may or may not be dancing.


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