Teachers/Dance Instructors


Chantahl Stedman

Principal & Director


Tonita Taylor

Dance Teacher

I enjoy working at Shaping Lives because I love bringing dance to the small communities that may not be able to have it otherwise. It's so exciting to see the children progress and have fun throughout the classes. If I can help them enjoy dance and leave with a smile, it makes my day.








Admin and Accounts



Bench Tacsanan

Customer Service Supervisor 

Email: bench@shapinglives.com.au



Kylie Nickolls

Accounts Manager

Email: accounts@shapinglives.com.au



Myra-Lyn Frauenfelder

Studio Manager

Email: manager@shapinglives.com.au

I'm Mum to 3 active sons and a daughter that has no trouble keeping up. I admit to being sideline Mum, so I understand the desire we have for our children to succeed in their activities. However I also know the important role that team work and respect play in the production of well rounded talent. I believe that Shaping Lives is a wonderful asset to our communities and I look forward to assisting you make the most of your time with us.


Estelle Munro

Accounts Manager

Email: accounts@shapinglives.com.au

I take care of all customer accounts, the day to day financial tasks of the business and also getting everything prepared for the BAS to be lodged by Kylie. I am enjoying working with the Shaping Lives team and aim to help dance parents with any queries they have in a efficient and friendly manner.