1. Why should I choose Shaping Lives for my/my child’s dance education?

We believe that dance offers our students so much. While it is lots of fun and very social it also builds self-esteem and confidence, teaches discipline, commitment and hard work, encourages self-expression and allows all students to work towards personal goals and team goals alike. Performance skills are taught and performance opportunities are given to all students. In addition to this, our teachers have spent most of their lives training as dancers and offer their many years experience to our students. We also use the very reputable syllabus from Australian Teachers of Dancing and are affiliated with Acrobatic Arts, both have very strict guidlines and requirements that we must uphold.


2. What are the benefits of wearing a uniform?

At Shaping Lives we have a set uniform for students attending classes. All components of the uniform have been carefully selected bearing safe dance principles in mind. Having a uniform establishes ‘team spirit’ for students attending Shaping Lives and gives them a sense of pride for their dance school. Parents appreciate having a uniform as it means that their children always know what they have to wear to dancing (no more shopping tantrums!) and they are also able to sell out-grown uniform items to younger students later on, hence saving them money. Please join our buy/swap/sell group on Facebook, Shaping Lives – Dancewear where you can sell uniforms and dance shoes. It is important that students always wear correct uniform to class as failure to do so may limit the teacher’s ability to correct poor technique. For this reason, please note that students NOT dressed in correct uniform may be asked to sit out of class. In these circumstances the student will be asked to sit and observe the lesson. We also use our uniform as our examination uniform so if the student is eligible for an examination you will not have to buy another outfit.


3. Why do we pay fees per year?

Shaping Lives tuition fees are charged at a flat rate per year, this secures your place in that class for the year. We work very similarly to other training or education facilities. For example, most schools charge per year and you do not receive a discount if you miss a day of school as the class was still held and a teacher was still provided. We are the same, we still provide a teacher and a venue for that class even if you can’t attend. If a teacher is sick and we can not find a substitute teacher the class will be cancelled and a cath-up class will be offered so you are not out of pocket.


4. How do I pay for classes?

You can pay your account direct deposit at a Heritage Bank, credit card or via direct debit payment plan. We do prefer electronic funds transfer so that both parties have a record on their account of the payment.


5. Am I allowed to watch my child’s class?

Yes, parents are allowed to observe classes during our open week. This is generally the last week of term and will be advised on the calendar or newsletter.


6. Do I have to sew costumes?

Parents are not expected to sew costumes. Students purchase their costumes individually and we order them from overseas to keep costs low. We do our best to get sizing correct but sometimes parents may need to make minor alterations. Once the performance is over the costume is yours to keep. Many children put them in their dress up box or parents resell them online.


7. Who can come to the end of year concert?

The end of year concert is open to the general public. Anyone and everyone can purchase tickets to the event. Ticket purchases are opened to parents first so you can get the best seats to see your children dance in a professional production.


8. Is photography/videography allowed in class or at performances?

Unfortunately no. The majority or our students are children so to photograph or video a group of children you would need written permission from every parent. As a studio we have sought this authority from parents and students for our purposes only. We do use videography in class for teaching purposes and we photograph and video our end of year concerts. Photos and videos are made available to parents and family for purchase.


9. How does the dance season run?

We coincide with the school term. We have four set terms per year and we start and finish classes with the start and finish of the school term. Terms are usually 8-10 weeks. Our end of year concerts usually run through November and December. We are working towards offering classes and holiday workshops over the school holidays so that students can keep their fitness, strength and technique up and also to give parents a break.


10. Where are you located?

We work out of a home office so we do not have an office space open to the general public to visit. If you need anything you can contact us via our contact us page.