The below gives an indication of the suitability of classes for all dancers. It should be considered a guide only and students will be assessed regularly by the teaching staff to determine if they are in a suitable class. As a general rule this is determined by factors such as pervious dance experience, maturity and ability. We find that some students will progress at a quicker rate than others and we aim to ensure that all students are engaged and challenged within their class environment.



Tiny Tots: Ages 2 and 3

A fun and introductory class for little dancers. This class incorporates movement and dance in a fun and relaxed environment. A great way to inspire the love of dance for your child.


Preschool: Ages 4 to 6

A fabulous foundation for your “budding dancer”. The Preschool classes focus not only on dance but on building the confidence and independence of each student which is particularly important for participation in our end of year performance.


Junior: Ages 6 to 10

A step up from our Preschool class where dancers are gaining more independence, and learning more advanced movements. At this level they are confident and are encouraged to practice correct technique.


Intermediate: Ages 8 to 13

A more advanced class for our school aged dancers. This class prepares students to enter the senior levels of dance and will focus on further building technique and stage/performance confidence.


Senior: Ages 14 and over

Designed for the senior students and adults who have had dance experience. These classes will focus on technique and perfecting their abilities to move into an advanced level.


Open: Adults

Our Open classes are tailored to your needs whether you are a beginer dancer or have been dancing for some time, this class will allow you to work at your own pace. This is a fun class where we will cover the basics whilst learning some more dificult skills.

Private Classes

Private classes are available for students wanting extra training. This can be for a number of reasons:

  • If you wish to perform a solo/duo/trio at our concert our staff are happy to work with you on this to perfect your choreography.
  • Additionally, you may like to work on you syllabus exercises if you have chosen to sit an exam in order to acheive a higher grade.
  • Or if you simply prefer the one on one environment to the usual class environment.

For any enquries around Private Classes please send an email to

Performance Troupe

We are excited to be able to offer performance troupe opportunities. More information will be provided throughout the year. This is a terrific opportunity for students to work as part of a performance team and is certainly something we would like them to consider and work towards.




Before they reach the maximum capacity.