Extremely Approachable…

Fantastic dance school. Very professional yet still fun, friendly and welcoming to everyone. The teachers are extremely approachable and always willing to go out of their way to help. Everything Chantahl and the dance teachers do always has the students interests at heart. Shaping Lives caters for all age groups, skill levels and dance genres. Shaping Lives teaches more than just dance moves and techniques, they also teach students self confidence which is an essential tool throughout life.

Pam Kill

Felt Safe and Encouraged…

My daughter has many fears about joining in and trying new things, but over the last year of dancing she has felt safe and encouraged and now is so proud of what she can do. We are lucky to have access to dance classes of this quality, even here in our little community. My daughter adores her teacher and dancing is the highlight of her week.

Monique Krause

Growing into a leader…

My little girl loves to dance. She has learned heaps from ballet which will help her in life like listening and following instruction and working with others. She has grown in confidence and is quite happy to stand up in front of others to perform and is growing into a leader. Her experiences with Shaping Lives has enhanced this. Thank you Miss Chantahl.

 Jocelyn Prain

Perfect For Our Community…

“This is a great dance school. Lovely dance teacher!!! We are very lucky to have this in our small community.”
– Gorgina Treffen

Motivated me to reach out….

The shaping Lives Dance Studio is an amazing studio with amazing teachers. Miss Z has helped me build my confidence so that I believe in myself and reach my full potential. Shaping Lives has encouraged me to go further into dance and motivated me to reach out for my Bronze Medal in Jazz which I received a Credit Plus for, thanks to the help and support of the wonderful Shaping Lives staff. Shaping Lives Dance Studio is not just a  place where people dance, not just a place where I dance, it’s a place where I can be free and let my feet do the talking. It’s a place where you can not only have fun and keep fit  but it’s where little dancers’ dreams grow!

Tahliah, Student

Beautiful Ballet Technique…

Both my girls are enrolled with Chantahl and absolutely love it, they are 4 and 9 & when I tell them it’s dance day they can’t get dressed quick enough. My 4 year old can be quite shy so I’m super impressed with how happily she goes with Chantahl and has so much fun. My 9 year old has also learnt so many beautiful ballet techniques, she likes to show off at home almost everyday.

– Hayley Callaghan

A Love For Dance...

“I chose Shaping Lives because I knew my daughters would be taught the proper technique. I felt that was more important than just being on a stage in a glittery costume doing the same dance step over and over. They have learnt so much in the short time that they have been with the studio, and both girls have formed a love for dance that I never knew two 6yr olds could have!”

– Brooke Flood