Our Journey

Dance transforms images, ideas and feelings into sequences of movement that are personally and socially significant. Dance allows people to discover, explore and develop their natural instincts for movement, enabling students of dance to develop not only their motor skills but also their mental and emotional personalities.

Shaping Lives offers dance classes from ages two to adult in four locations across South West Queensland including Taroom, Miles, Chinchilla and Inglestone. Dance styles include, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Acrobatics as well as the wonderful Imagine Program.

The goal of Shaping Lives is to give city opportunities to country communities through dance..


Why you should dance with Shaping Lives, because we…

  • encourage individual students to express themselves through dance
  • enable students to work towards qualifications that open up career opportunities
  • place an emphasis on performance
  • provide students with opportunities to experience, understand and value the language and art of dance
  • enable students to develop a broad base of skills and abilities in
    different disciplines.
  • allow students to develop their social skills and their own personalities
  • follow the reputable Australian Teachers of Dancing Syllabus
  • all have firstaid training and hold a bluecard
  • all continue to study, train and undergo professional development throughout the year.
  • are members of and endorsed by Dance Sport Australia
  • are affiliated with and follow the strict guidlines of AusDance
  • have all the required licences to run a dance studio